All children begin with one amateur band and then they abandon it or they continue the uphill street trying for best. Somehow thus are things for Diamond Plate that bursted from nowhere as a individual bomb full of Thrash. For those who do not know them it woud be better to search and learn for them.

I remember the shock that I had suffered when I first heard them. I remember searching for new bands in youtube and at some point I see a video that said” Diamond Plate – At The Mountains Of Madness”. I push the play button and wait to listen. I saw three fifteen year old children full energy playing better than many professionals. I had suffered a great shock, and however, a great riff was enough to make me astonished. How could it be possible for the voice to be so much clean? They made me love them immediately. I also listened to their other songs so that I could occupy if what I saw was genuine or an optical illusion. But of course it was true because these youngsters have power inside them .

Their first Ep entitled “Mountains Of Madness” was released in 2008 with and their second Ep entitled” Relativity” was released one year later. And here we are in August 2011, where Diamond Plate do their first full length step by releasing ”Generation Why?”, whose production is exceptional. The riffs on the album fall like heavy rain drops.! During the listening of the album you will listen to all their influences, that are including thrash titans, such as Exodus, Testament, Dark Angel (especially on drums) and make Diamond Plate be loveable to each listener. The rhythm section’s combination with the guitars makes them a strongly tied band .

Almost all their songs have this force that can make you obsessed, with high tempo and chaotically riffs. As far as the songs are concerned, on “Relativity” the melodies of Testament show a lot, on ”Waste Of Life “and “Empire Tomorrow” the Exodus sounding riffs are coming and going with some oriental scales and one most excellent orchestral solo, and finally the already all time ”At The Mountains Of Madness” which was also one from their first songs with included on their first EP. Diamond Plate created a great sum and they gain a place fairly to be characterized as one of the hopes of metal music for the future.

They surely have the possibility of developing in the future in something better and of gaining high objectives as band. What is needed in my opinion is a little attention in the compositions, their skills are remarkable already, but with more mature thought perhaps we will be talking very soon about even better stuff than this already very good album.

Track List Line Up
01. Entertainment Today
02. Generation Why?
03. Pull the Trigger
04. Tomb With a View
05. Fool’s Paradise
06. Relativity
07. Waste of Life
08. Casualty of War
09. More Than Words
10. At the Mountains of Madness
11. Empire Tomorrow
Jim Nicademus – drums
Konrad  Kupiec – guitars
Jon Macak  vocals – bass
Mario  Cianci – guitars