And finally the new album from the stoned as fuck High On Fire! The power trio lead by guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike (Yeah that guy from Sleep) since their debut in 1998, have given us six stone gems including “Death is the Communion” and “Surrounded by Thieves”. Two years ago they released “Snakes for the Divine” with heavier and more melodic style, like another Pike’s project, Kalas.

This time “De Vermis Mysteriis” is the name of their new album, recorded by Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou. From the first second of “Serums of Liao” the opening song, we realize that High On Fire came back to their first crash! A more crunchy sound, powerful drums, stormy riffs the whole in a smoked atmosphere. Apparently Matt Pike and his team made a concept album were Jesus twin brother travels through time!

Listening to it, you’re catching yourself trapped in a cavalcade of riffs, with a unusual greasy sound all together bound by a chant with the unique style of Matt Pike. As you arrive in the 3rd track “Fertile Green” and after the crazy drum intro you find parts of yourself in every room as in a sweaty nightmare, due to riffs melted between thrash and heavy stoner, highlighted by a devilish solo towards the end. Next in line more doom/stoner like “Madness of the Architect” which pass very quickly despite its seven min. length, or “Samsara” an instrumental one with psychedelic tones with majestic guitar riff and melodic bass lines all together in a magnificent tone.

And after the traveling pause, we continue in the spiral of greasy riff which made the originality of this band, with two tracks in the same atmosphere and sound of “Spiritual Rites”. All of this coming to an end in “King of the Days”, personally speaking the best track of the album, giving a very emotional chant and a more touching composition. Seven minutes of pleasure. “De Vermis Mysteriis” the same titled track, although short, give us a compact view of the album, followed by the next finishing tracks more usual but efficient with the very noticeable work of Mike Pike in “Warhorn” concluding this album.

Oh yes the trio High on Fire carry worthily their name and gave as a strong, rough album with the emotions and finesse of any metal band. High On Fire renew themselves in every track that’s for sure!

Track List Line Up
01. Serums of Liao
02. Bloody Knuckles
03. Fertile Green
04. Madness of an Architect
05. Samsara
06. Spiritual Rites
07. King of Days
08. De Vermis Mysteriis
09. Romulus and Remus
10. Warhorn
11. Speak in Tongues(Bonus Track)
Matt Pike – Guitars, vocals
Jeff Matz – Bass
Des Kensel – Drums