When you have to write about a review there’s always a big question about what will you really listen and this mainly affects new bands among others. In this case, when I learned that I have to do a review about a band which is called Devils Train, I ran immediately to search on youtube about this band. I listen the song “American Woman“ from the band Guess Who covered by Devils Train, the spectacle was magnificent, great cover from a band which is playing rock/metal . After this, they made me look and learn about them.

So Devils Train is a new band from Germany which consists of RD Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy),the ex-drummer of Stratovarius Jorg Michael, the guitarist Laki Ragazas (former on Long Live) and the bassist Jari kainulainen ( ex- Evergrey ,ex- Stratovarius). The good thing is that they secured a contract with the record company Edel/Ear By Sony. The album was recorded at Prophecy and Music Factory studios, and production was made jointly by RD Liapakis and C. Schmid. The production its pretty clear and gives emphasis on the guitars. Everything is right but what could we expect from them? I am taking about eleven great songs and one cover.

The album contains very good and loud music with plenty of hard rock and heavy metal feelings and I think that that’s enough to be loved by many kind of listeners. Groove and heavy riffs with some good melodies cover all the songs, the album also contains some pounding songs like “Roll The Dice”, some heavy riffs like “Sweet Devils Kiss” and also calm tracks like “Forever“ and “The Answers“, great ballads both of them. This is a very good debut from a band who needs support from all of us because it gives something special and full of quality. A pretty good way to start!

Track List Line Up
01. Fire And Water
02. Devils Train
03. Roll The Dice
04. To The Ground
05. Forever
06. Sweet Devils Kiss
07. Find New Love
08. Room 66/64
09. Coming Home
10. Yellow Blaze
11. The Answers
12. American Woman
R. D. Liapakis -Vocals
Jorg Michael – Drums
Jari Kainulainen – Bass
Lakis Ragazas – Guitar