R.D. Liapakis is well-known for fronting progsters VALLEYS EVE, German power metallers MYSTIC PROPHECY, and producing the last four SUICIDAL ANGELS albums as well. Some time ago he decided to do a bluesy Hard Rock band called DEVIL’S TRAIN. Their style is influenced by BADLANDS, WHITESNAKE, LED ZEPPELIN and so on.

Their new album “II” kicks off with “Down On You”, a great midtempo rocker, showing the unique brand of Liapakis’ voice. A stoner-like riff and a sleazy lead comes next on “Hollywood Girl”, with a great chorus and rockin’ solo making it the first video of the record. “Gimme Love” follows with its pure blues/rock n roll intro speeding up in the vein of early Motley Crue including another sick solo! The country intro of “Mr. Jones” slows things down but bites like a rabid old dog, speeding up after the middle showing one of my favorite choruses on this record. The midtempo groove goes on in “Can You Feel” in a groovy chorus, also love that break before the solo. “Rock Forever” is another writers’ favorite, an anthem for all hell-raising rockers out there, this one’s for you!

“Let’s Shake It” is a sleazy song meant for every man’s dream type of dance (if you know what I mean). What follows is “Girl Like You”, the vagrant rockers’ way of saying “I love you”. Next song,”You And Me”, you think it’s a ballad, right? Think again! More smoked out Hard Rock the old school way! A country slide intro, bringing the atmosphere of a southern valley, brings us “Thunderstorm”, one of the fastest songs (and solos) on this record, breaking into a sick chorus. “Suffocated” ends this album in a laid back rockin’ style. On top of this sick album you have the covers of “Immigrant Song” (LED ZEPPELIN) and “Born To Be Wild” (STEPPENWOLF).

This is the soundtrack to what a wild rockin’ night has in store: hot women, cold and strong drinks, loud guitars and whatever comes that way. Don’t crank it at anything less than full volume and without cold drinks on the side!

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