I’ve never been a big fan of Accept. All these years that I can remember myself listening to metal, I always thought that this band is a landmark and that it has influenced countless other bands, but some guys that I respect and, as they are older they know better, they see Accept like gods. I grew up with their songs but I have never had Accept CDs in my record collection. I remember myself two years ago listening to the “Blood of the Nations”, as I had heard that it received many good reviews and that Udo didn’t sing in this album. They made me cherish them and love them and immediately bought their new album.

Who would have thought that Accept, after 15 years of inactivity, would return at the forefront, not just to release some extra albums, but to star in a scene, in which they served as the once-great name and influenced hundreds of bands? How was that possible since the equation was missing the factor «Udo» and the result was put into question even before the release? Old dogs they are! For “Stalingrad” they had a different perspective and the decision to put Mark Tornillo behind the mic certainly paid up. No one can deny the immaculate “Blood of the Nations” from two years ago. But what can we say about “Stalingrad”? What you will hear in their new album???

“Stalingrad” continues right where its predecessor left off, as the trademark sound of the band is once again perfect and in it there is every single thing we love about Accept. And we are talking about a dynamic return! Full of heavy riffs and melodic solos, a voice like cement with a lot of lyricism.

As I mentioned above, their new album is a perfect continuation of the predecessor. Those of you who have heard the previous work, I am quite sure you will like that too, and I say this with absolute certainty. The only thing that made me reconsider a bit was the fact that in this album they don’t have a lot of heavy riffs, but some tracks are reminiscent of ballads. This, of course, did not make me love the album less than the others or not buy it. The words are unnecessary, there is nothing more I can say about this album. Accept has lifted the standards and do what they know, better than ever. You have to listen to “Stalingrad” and bow before these old dogs.

Track List Line Up
01. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
02. Stalingrad
03. Hellfire
04. Flash to Bang Time
05. Shadow Soldiers
06. Revolution
07. Against the World
08. Twist of Fate
09. The Quick and the Dead
10. The Galley
Wolf Hoffmann – Guitar
Herman Frank – Guitar
Mark Tornillo – Vocals
Peter Baltes – Bass
Stefan Schwarzmann – Drums