Municipal Waste are a crossover band that has released a couple of great albums and they have achieved to make a lot of fans worldwide. Although they are a relatively new band (they were formed in 2000), their name is well-known to thrashers (and not only) in all over the world. Three years after their previous album, “Massive Agressive”, they are back with their new album called “The Fatal Feast”.

Everyone that is familiar with Municipal Waste knows exactly what he will listen to. The band didn’t make experimentations nor did they put any new elements in their music. Old school thrash/crossover is what they always played and the same thing applies here. Fast, raw and loud songs is what this album contains. In terms of the quality of the songs, “The Fatal Feast” has both kick-ass and moderate songs. “The Fatal Feast” is not as good as the previous Municipal Waste albums. It is aggressive, it releases a lot of energy, but it isn’t equally great with their previous releases. This doesn’t mean that it is a bad album; it has some excellent songs and you will definitely have fun hearing it. The thing is that Waste have set very high standards with their previous albums and everyone has very high expectations from them.

“The Fatal Feast” is an album that has some very good songs, it is in the classic Municipal Waste style, but it is not as great as the band’s previous albums. This record will not let you down but neither will it blow your minds.