”The Story Of The Light” is the eighth studio album of virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai and it is released on the Favored Nations Label, which is also owned by Steve Vai. This is Vai’s first full-length studio album since 2005’s “Real Illusions: Reflections” and is the third concept album in order. “The Story Of Light” proves that after all this time, Steve Vai can still release an album of primarily instrumental music that is still vital, entertaining and at times astounding from a technical standpoint. With twelve tracks on the album, the total time clocks in at just under a full hour. From the beginning to end, the album stays entertaining, emotive and made me want to go run and play guitar. As always, the guitar work is amazing, with maybe a little less shredding and a little more melody than on the previous ones.

If you listen to the first single from the album “Gravity Storm”, it can give you the wrong impression of the album. “Gravity Storm” is one of the heaviest songs on the album and isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of what to expect on the album. ‘’Velorum’’ is the second track which spurred my interest, with a heavy 7string riff in the intro and some great melodies in the song which fit perfect in this piece. The album has a lot of great pieces which is all time classic for Steve Vai. One more song which remained in my mind is ‘’Racing The World’’, it has the greatest solos and the heaviest and most creative riff which sticks immediately to your mind. He made a big studio come back with great music appetites, if you like his previous works you only have to listen to this album and see how much he has enriched his ideas like a musician and his originality that his has created nowadays . If you are a fan of Steve Vai you will not be disappointed, as also if you are a fan of amazing guitar work. If you are a fan of pop music or ultra-accessible music, then you might not like this album – but you won’t know until you try it.

Track List Line Up
01. The Story of Light
02. Velorum
03. John The Revelator
04. Book of the Seven Seals
05. Creamsicle Sunset
06. Gravity Storm
07. Mullach A’tSi
08. The Moon and I
09. Weeping China Doll
10. Racing the World
11. No More Amsterdam
12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops
13. People of the World
Steve Vai – guitar (all tracks) and vocals (tracks 8, 11)
Dave Weiner – guitar
Philip Bynoe – bass
Jeremy Colson – drums
Deborah Henson-Conant – harp
Beverly McClellan – vocals (track 3 and 4)
Aimee Mann – vocals (track 11)
Bernie Grundman – mastering