‘Helloween’, the German power speed metal pioneers are back with a new EP called ‘Burning Sun’ two years after their latest full length album called ‘7 Sinners’. I am a huge fan of ‘Helloween’ just like many others in the metal world but the truth is that i had stopped paying attention to them in their last releases probably because i was frustrated by the compositions that didn’t impress me for some reason. Despite there were many changes in their line up they have never changed their style of music and have delivered some of the best albums in the metal history. Many bands have been influenced or even copied their sound, which is so unique that you immediately understand that you listen to ‘Helloween’ and whether you like their music or not you have definitely singed along, played air guitar, banged your head or whatever with some of their tunes.

Needless to say that before i got to listen to the new songs i was very curious but also cautious about how the new compositions would sound and to be honest i didn’t have many expectations. So i pushed the play button and suddenly found myself surprised and pleased at the same time. The first song and title track is ‘Burning Sun’ and as it starts the first guitar melodies fill the room and i move my head along with the music. Double bass drumming, awesome riffs, ‘Markus Grosskopf’ digging the bass and then Andi Deris comes in singing with his wonderful voice giving 100% of himself as always. Catchy chorus appropriate for sing along, twin guitar solo that reminds past works and one of the best i’ve listened for a long time from these guys. The keyboard parts are also incredible making the final result so perfect that you could instantly say that is a classic.

The second track is called ‘Wanna Be God’. It starts with Dani Loble’s jungle drum groove and Andi Deris singing. The lyrics speak about money, vanity and power that men seek. It seems more like a teaser rather than a full song but nevertheless sounds very interesting. The production sounds fantastic and was made Charlie Bauerfeind and Helloween.

Third song called ‘Another Shot Of Life’ is a song that i loved at once. Heavy riffs, beautiful keyboard parts that add atmosphere to a magnificent song with catchy chorus and a great guitar solo. It’s a classic one that reminds the heavier side of Helloween.

Last track is a live version of the song called ‘Where the Sinners Go’ that was recorded at the Przystanek Woodstock Festival in Poland in August 5th, 2011. They also released a single as digital download through iTunes in December 18th, 2012 for the song ‘Nabataea’, a great power metal song that also became a video.

Even though ‘Burning Sun’ EP is a small taste of the new album, it still shows the greatness of this band. It amazed me in a way that i didn’t even imagine. ‘Helloween’ are back and i’m pretty sure that if the whole album sounds like that we will be talking about one of the best albums of 2013. One word comes in my mind: Resurrection!!

Track List Line Up
01. Burning Sun
02. Wanna Be God
03. Another Shot Of Life
04. Where the Sinners Go (Live)
Markus Grosskopf – Bass
Michael Weikath – Guitars
Andi Deris – Vocals
Sascha Gerstner – Guitars
Dani Loble – Drums