Russia has been a source of many extreme metal bands recently. I believe the modern history and what the people of that country have been through is the main reason of this sudden explosion. Of course the Soviet Union, back when death metal occurred, did not let this kind of music and extremities to just happen in the land.

But now we are on a new millennium and early on January of this year Katalepsy released their second full length album. And what an album! To review “Autopsychosis” was truly a joy ride for me. A great start for the year of 2013. These Russian guys have it all. Brutal till the bone and groove till you slam your spine off!

I admit I didn’t hear of them before, but the little I found and listened to from their first album wasn’t that encouraging. Also I must admit that I am not that much into slam death metal. Yet from the first note of “Lurking In The Depth” I found myself headbanging all the way till the end.

There are many bands that left speechless in the past. Katalepsy though have this aggression that many brutal death metal bands lack of. The guitar riffs and capacity of the Anton – Dmitry duo is out of this world. The riffs are beautiful structured. And the solos have the amount of melody I love, without being too technical and boring. There are slam death metal elements now and then but they don’t bore you. “Autopsychosis” is a mix of slam and technical brutal death metal.

And then we listen to the rhythm section really nailing the tempos down. The bass is there, distorted and echoing, and totally blows your guts on the floor. The bass lines following the guitar riffing and grooves tightly. On the other hand the drumming of Evgeny is precise, but the sound of the drums gives a blurry background to the CD.

In the end the vocal of Mr. Filimontsev are fitting exactly to the music. Capable of both brutal growl and piggish shrieks, he executes his task with ease. He has an insane vocal capacity and you tell by listen to his angry brutal screams in all the tracks.

This CD is brilliant. It is brutal all the way with the right amount of slam. The first song, “Amongst Phantom Worlds” and “The Pulse of Somnambulist” are the tracks I stand out. But the whole work of Katalepsy is worth the requiring attention from you.

Track List Line Up
01. Lurking In The Depth
02. Evidence Of Near Death
03. Body Bags For The Gods
04. Cold Flesh Citadel
05. The Pulse Of Somnambulist
06. Unearthly Urge To Supremacy
07. Gore Conspiracy
08. Amongst Phantom Worlds
09. Needles Of Hypocrisy
10. Knifed Humility
11. Taedium Vitae
Igor Filimontsev – Vocals
Anton – Guitars
Anatoly – Bass
Dmitry – Guitars
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