What is there new for me to write more about such a group as Rotten Sound? This EP is, as stated by their new label, a celebration for their 20th year of existence. Anyone into crust and grindcore should know them by now for sure. But I expect something more than an EP to celebrate properly a band like the Finnish Rotten Sound.

Musically we have everything that makes a grindcore-r smile with joy. And that is speed and chaos. Sami Latva provides the speed necessary for grindcore to thrive while he keeps things together perfectly. On the guitar domain you can easily listen to the chaotic riffs. Q (a.k.a. Mika Aalto) is a superstar of grindcore and crust these days and you can easily listen why.

The bass of Kristian Toivainen keeps the sound solid and “clear” as it fits to a grindcore band. The vocals of Mr. G (a.k.a. Keijo Niinimaa) are again the craziest vocals you like to hear in such a release. The production gives them all the credit without makes them sound above the rest of the instruments. It is not a surprise that the rest of Nasum choose him to do the dirty job or replacing Mieszko Talarczyk (R.I.P.) for the vocals duty on their last tour in 2012.

The rating for an eight-minute EP about war is just a sample. As I hope that this EP is just a sample of what it is coming next from Rotten Sound. If you are expecting the ordinary sound of Rotten Sound you are not going to be surprised. Although if you are waiting for something else than crust and grindcore, you will be disappointed. This is a typical release of a band that knows how to combine fast and furious riffs with mid tempo grooves. Is not grindcore all about the grooves after all? Like it or hate it, this is enough said.

Track List Line Up
01. Cause
02. The Game
03. War
04. The Solution
05. Salvation
06. Peace
G – Vocals
Q – Guitars
Sami Latva – Drums
Kristian Toivainen – Bass