After a number of delays and member departures, Shadowcraft return with a new self-titled promo which consists of three (only!) majestic black metal tracks. This is their third release, following two demos. They also count a number of gigs alongside bands like Kawir in their credentials.

What’s special in their case is the retaining of the authentic symphonic essence! The atmosphere, dark and melodic, seems to coexist fine with the fast drumming tempo and aggressive -yet imaginative- riffs. Lord Mephisto Draven’s vocals are capable of leading the tracks in ominous ways and adding a distinguished evil touch to the whole mix. The “recipe” includes interesting elements, such as folk tunes, epic feeling at points and classical passages along with unique experimental approaches with the guitar playing and synth sections. Additionally, a video was shot for the opening track ‘And I Will Speak to Thou’.

Influenced by megalith bands of the kind, like Dimmu Borgir or even Cradle Of Filth, Shadowcraft make an effort to bring the genre one step ahead. They give us many reasons to anticipate their first full-length album, which is bound to enrich not only the Greek but the international scene as well!


Track List Line Up
01. And I Will Speak to Thou
02. Awakening
03. Revenge
Lord Mephisto Draven – Vocals
Bomasizael – Guitars
Q_SNC – Keyboards/Ambience
Stellar Master – Bass
Synthetic – Drums

Alcmene P.