[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8.5
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Website: Link
Author: Kostas Tsotsanis[/colored_box]

Black Metal; the most controversial and addictive style of metal. Greece is greatly famous for the black metal bands which act inside our borders. We could say that, Greece’s extreme music scene started with Rotting Christ, the one and only band that influenced black metal music outside Scandinavia the most. Sakis Tolis, one of the founding members of Rotting Christ, is also known for another project of his; Thou Art Lord. The history of the band begins with “The Cult Of the Horned One”, a demo recorded in 1993 and continues up to 2013 with their latest full length record titled “The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer“.

While listening to the album, a conclusion came upon; the fact that the record is one of the most completed the band has done since their best album “Eosforos” (1994). In details, “The Regal Pulse of Lucifer” is a nine tracks album, about forty minutes long. I expected to have more than five minutes long songs but the length ranges between four to five minutes. This gives the chance for strong black metal songs, with a lot of changes without to get the listener tired. The album isn’t an experimental one. It’s all about old-school black metal after all. The material in it, however, sounds fresh and overwrought.

To be specific, the album contains some of the most bad-ass black metal riffs someone can hear in our days. Songs like “Artificial Malevolence” and “Justicia Profana” prove this statement. Most of the tracks are stripped, embracing an old-school feeling. Keyboards and chords are used when it is demanded, without to play a major role. The whole atmosphere (feeling like listening to the record inside hell!) is created by guitars and those angry, satanic vocals. Gothmog’s voice is better than ever. The music is fast, balanced, with a lot of explosive parts. Riffs are memorable, because the ideas used for them sound variant, heavy and classic in a black metal fan’s head.

The whole old-school satanic theme is used all over Thou Art Lord’s records and the last one is not an exception. “L’Evangelium de Diable” begins with satan speaking while presenting his word through the band’s music. Through “Infernarium” or “Πολιτεία Δαιμόνων” the theme of hell and fire, glancing sidelong to other matters like society, war or pain. Other songs are memorable too like “Nine Steps to Hell” (my personal favorite along with “Artificial Malevolence“), which is a fast and kicking one and ‘ Fire and Blood’ which ends the record with screaming guitars and heavy drum’s blasting all over.

“The Regal Pulse of Lucifer” is considered one of the best the band has produced along with “Eosforos” or “DV8”, an old-school record with music for every need. It could be better in every way, but the outcome is enjoyable and satisfactory. Thou Art Lord definitely gave birth to one of the best black metal album of the 2013, along with Enshadowed’s “Magic Chaos Psychedelia”.

Track List Line Up
01. Nine Steps to Hell
02. Πολιτεία Δαιμόνων
03. Das Messer
04. The Regal Pulse of Lucifer
05. Artificial Malevolence
06. Justicia Profana
07. L’ Evangelium de Diable
08. Infernarium
09. Fire and Blood
Gothmog – Vocals
Necromayhem – Guitars, backing vocals
The Magus – Bass, Backing vocals
El – Guitars
Maelstrom – Drums