[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 7.5
Label: Profound Lore Records
Website: Link
Author: Kostas “Krotidas” Triantafyllidis[/colored_box]

I must admit I do not know the Aussie death metal scene at all. The only exception may be Psycroptic. When I was given the responsibility for this review I didn’t have any idea for what to expect. Portal though was a nice surprise.

Since I haven’t heard them before I search the internet for some information and I could see that this album was not what their fans anticipated from them. But if you ask me as a new observer, I would say that these dudes have a lot to give, though this is their fourth offering. It is a really morbid offering. Its name is “Vexovoid”.

Starting with this review I must warn you: this CD is not suitable for those light hearted. The feeling that is dominating is that of catatonia. There are many nauseating things in here. The production and the sound are so gloom and bleak and combined with the sinister compositions makes you most of the time anxious for something unseen. Personally it made me scream without a reason.

The guitar riffs have an old school style in their structure and they seem simple to me. Yet they are powerful and brutal. There are some that reminded me of Meshuggah but the music is enhanced by Morbid Angel’s aesthetic. So in the end Portal have nothing to do with the Swedes. And to substantiate what I write listen to “Orbmorhia” and the main riff of “Kilter”.

There are not many blastbeats. And though their music is definitely death metal, there is a lot of slow parts that they reaching the borders of doom/death metal. The production as I have already mentioned is hazy and it is increasing the sickening atmosphere. There are parts where the atmosphere is dull and fit great with their lyrical concept of abstract horror and Cthulhu mythos. Songs like “Oblotten” and “Awryeon” could easily be tracks on a mystery or horror movie soundtrack.

In conclusion I would like to say that “Vexovoid” is an intense and sick album. Even the song title have something wicked. And it could give you some chills on this hot summer.

Track List Line Up
01. Kilter
02. The Black Wards
03. Curtain
04. Plasm
05. Awryeon
06. Orbmorphia
07. Oblotten
The Curator – Vocals
Horror Illogium – Guitars(Lead)
Aphotic Mote – Guitars(Rhythm)
Ignis Fatuus – Drums
Omenous Fugue – Bass