One of the writers top 5 old school death metal bands of all time, Cannibal Corpse are back with a new album. Consistent and honest to the core, never sold out, never compromised their sound from the times they were fronted by the mighty Chris Barnes (known firstly for their classic records and then for making the all-star 90s Death metal band Six Feet Under). The “Eaten Back To Life” (1990), “Butchered At Birth” (1991), “Tomb Of The Mutilated” (1992) and “The Bleeding” (1994) records are rightfully considered Death metal classics by the first band that ever got so much fame by dealing with gore subjects. George Fischer (ex-Monstrosity) is the frontman since Barnes left in 1994 and hasn’t failed to keep the majority of the fans satisfied, who have accepted him as an equally as important frontman for the history of our beloved Cannibals.

Their new album “A Skeletal Domain” kicks in with “High Velocity Impact Slammer” a midtempo track with some blasting moments showing that everything is where we left them with the 2012 “Torture” record. Things speed up with two of the records’ favorite tracks: “Sadistic Embodiment” with its Slayer-meets-Kreator riffage and “Kill Or Become” even though it starts with a groovy riff with it’s ripping chorus. These could easily crack heads open in live shows. The title track comes with a slow yet heavy as fuck Death metal riff made to snap necks in slow motion with some blasting and midtempo outbursts including a great solo. Coming up next “Headlong Into Carnage” brings the Thrashy tempo back, a trademark Cannibal track with a really good solo. A headbanging death metal riff brings us “The Murderer’s Pact” (second track that leaked before the official release of the album, the other being “Sadistic Embodiment“) which goes into a fast-paced chorus with kick ass guitar lines then back to the original tempo with one of the best solos of the record.

“Funeral Cremation” follows to open the second half of the album, with winds blowing, darkened guitars sounds fading in and headbanging darkened intro riffage that reminded me off blackened riffs on the intros of “The Discipline Of Revenge” (“Kill” 2006) and “Ecstacy In Decay” (“Bloodthirst” 1999) with some blastbeats to make a contrast. Probably the darkest song of the record. “Icepick Lobotomy” (I think this one refers to a mob tactic but I’ll just leave it there) speeds things up once more, giving us another moshing track with some groovy and headbanging moments to wreck our spines. “Vector Of Cruelty” kicks in with headbanging riffage and some disharmonic melodies here and there, and it’s mostly a midtempo track with some fast-paced outbursts. Another Thrashy track comes with “Bloodstained Cement” and its headbanging chorus. The most modern sounding track in terms of grooviness is “Asphyxiate to Resuscitate” balancing between mid-tempo and groove. A midtepo-to-blasting track ends the record called “Hollowed Bodies” with really good solos and technical riffage.

The new Cannibal Corpse record is another indication of their non-compromising brutality and the guarranteed quality you get from every record this band puts out. Non-stop aggression both music- and lyric-wise, quality production by the producer of Black Dahlia Murder fame and technical efficiency that the Cannibals are well known for! The perfect soundtrack to splatter/gore films! Hail!