The Belgian Speed/Thrash merchants are back with their first full-length record! After the great reception of their debut self-titled EP, they managed to release their first album “Pulses Of Pleasure” via Napalm records. The first 2 songs and album videos (“Fast Loud And Rude”, “Pulse Of Pleasure”) set the tone for the rest of the record: Speed metal in the way that would make Razor ( to whom they owe their name), Exodus, Onslaught and Exciter proud! Let alone the rabid infernal headbangers raised on the aforementioned bands.

Next is “Eclipse Of The Mind”, which is slightly more technical with a beautiful acoustic break in the middle yet furious and addictive as hell! “Siren” follows with its Priest-like intro riff, then things get mid-tempo just to give you one more reason to wreck your neck, including insane solos! One of the most sick Exciter-like riffs on the record (yes, the ones that make you wanna pour gallons of beer down your throat!) opens the “Stairway To Insanity”, a Speed/Thrash tornado showing us that those Belgians know how it’s done!

“Shot To Paradise” and “Venom” keep up the speed of the album, shooting the listener with sick Speed riffage, while the tempo breaks with “Blinded”, an instrumental used as a bridge for the Iron Maiden-esque mid-tempo closer “Master Of Illusion”. One of the strong parts of this album is its flow, 42 minutes go without being tiresome, boring or dull! Every song has something to catch your eye!

EVIL INVADERS did one hell of a record to drink your beers to, and headbang like crazy!! UGH!

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