SHINING releases the 9th album of their career “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” following the musical style of the previous one “Redefining Darkness”. An album which has a profound melodic aspect and, as always, a distinct character.

“IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” is a two-sided opus; a darker, faster and more aggressive side and a melodic, emotional side that resembles to a plunge in the dark corners of the soul. Doomy melodies and mystifying acoustic Opeth-like guitar passages dress the atmosphere in a surprising way bringing equilibrium between the dark and the bright side. The guitar solo in “Människotankens Vägglösa Rum” is highly melodic binding together the various elements in an outstanding manner.

“Inga broar kvar att bränna” and “Besök från i(ho)nom” roam in gloomy soundscapes accompanied by folk and atmospheric sounds contrasting slowness and aggressiveness, the depressive and heartfelt vocal performances of Niklas against his emotional clean singing and theatrical whispering. The drumming is also fluctuating throughout the whole album to keep pace with the melodies – on the one hand, slower and on the other, aggressive blast beats.

Two bonus tracks are included in the limited edition of the album; “Ohne Dich” (RAMMSTEIN cover) and “Black Industrial Eleven”. The cover keeps the melancholic attribute of the original song while maintaining the album’s personality. “Black Industrial Eleven” is a new approach to an instrumental song which was recorded a decade ago; the newer version included here is more melodic and eerie.

What is most characteristic about “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” is its symmetry and harmony attained through the combination of all these musical elements. The essence of SHINING is never missing but is greatly enhanced and progressed. SHINING fans and listeners will surely appreciate it; the others may need some spins before being utterly acquainted with the band’s unique character. A versatile album that deserves attention to its details and for listeners to enjoy this emotional journey.

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