The musical journey for ENTRAILS began back in the 90s along with the greats of Swedish Death metal (Grave, Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, Vomitory etc.). They never recorded anything other than unofficial demos, due to the fact that the mainman Jimmy Lyngquist was never satisfied with the bands’ demos back in the day. And now that the Death metal seems to experience days of blooming with great bands (Dead Congregation, Portal, Obliteration, Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum and so on). Now they are on their third album, building their character as they went along

The album kicks off with a Jeff Hanneman tribute “No Cross Left Unturned”: bells chime and all hell breaks loose with everything we’ve ever loved in Swedish Death metal including some grindcore influences setting the tone for something different than a “more of the same” record. “Epitome Of Death” follows with its sick intro riff, to keep the tempo up and add the always welcome “melancholy/despair” to both the riffage and soloing of the album, “Beyond The Flesh” was the perfect sample for Metal Blade to release, delivering old school Death metal in your face! Things get more groovy in “The Grotetsque” and “Obliterate” in a way that Celtic Frost would smile with pride for their legacy. The second shows a bit of Bolt Thrower influence on the chorus.

“Skulls” starts with explosions in the background of mid-paced death metal riffage, before kicking into a mosh part making it a live-show must! “Midnight Coffins” and “Bonestorm” are filled with trademark Death metal riffs and lots of groovy parts meant for . “Abyss Of Corpses” kicks in full-speed ahead with another grindcore influenced drum pattern, before turning into the old school d-beat once more. “Re-Animation Of The Dead” is one of my favorite tracks to end the record, showing full-speed material, groove and a trademark Swedish Death metal melody fading out the record.

Overall, this is the proper atmosphere of a Swedish death metal record. Honest to the core, doomy melodies blended with, gory and grotetsque subjects reeking of an open coffin. This is the way it should be played and done, not as a nostalgia move, but as a reminder of the roots of death metal!

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