Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know Martin Van Drunen? This guy is known as the embodiment of the Dutch death metal scene. And with him after an absence of 12 years we have Eric Daniels again. We are talking about pioneers here. That is enough said as a foreword for the band called Grand Supreme Blood Court (GSBC).

So what to expect from a band which is consisting by members of Asphyx and Hail Of Bullets? What else unless true ravishing Dutch death/doom metal. And they deliver all of my expectations. There are many who say that the expectations were too high and because of them the CD is lacking inspiration and lifeless.

I cannot say that this isn’t very familiar listening. Still I like the nostalgic and homesick sensation on “Bow Down Before The Blood Court”. The vocals of Mr. Van Drunen are as always right to the point. The team work on the rhythm section is by far great. The tempo, not exceeding the medium speeds, varies from agonizing slow to mid tempo just to fuel you for headbanging. The guitar composition is retrospective, yet there is nothing not to be liked. Eric Daniels might have been 45 years old, as well as Martin is 47, but they still have what it gets to make great death metal albums. And this is really inspiring for all of us.

There is one thing I must say though. GSBC have everything to be loved; especially for those into the Dutch scene this album will probably melt inside their CD players, but “Bow Down Before The Blood Court” is not a highlight album for 2012 for sure. For the others I think there are much to be learned and many CDs to listen for them to get to know what Dutch death/domm metal means.

The company of the undertakers, as they previously present the band, with Dan Swanö in the decks nailed it for all the Asphyx lovers. I loved the presentation of them as a “blood court”. So ready or not here comes the verdict: you are sentenced to death metal!

Track List Line Up
01. All Rise
02. Bow Down Before The Blood Court
03. There Shall Be No Acquittance
04. Veredictum Sanguis
05. Behead The Defence
06. Grand Justice, Grand Pain
07. Fed To The Boars
08. Circus Of Mass Torment
09. Public Castration
10. Piled Up For The Scavengers
11. …And Thus The Billion Shall Burn
Grand Prosecutor Van Drunen – Vocals
Grand Registrar Zuur – Guitars
Grand Judge Daniels – Guitars
Grand Executioner Van Eekelen – Bass
Grand Magistrate Bagchus – Drums