SIX FEET UNDER is a band that started as a side project by Chris Barnes and eventually became his first priority after he was ejected from CANNIBAL CORPSE. This way a new chapter was started in death metal music. From 1995 until today and through eleven albums, Mr. Barnes and his several band mates keep us company by sound and text as they describe stories of the darkest minds.

The music of SIX FEET UNDER is mainly of medium tempos but with a lot of outbreaks. So it is on “Crypt Of The Devil” as well. In the past they have also flirted with the death ’n’ roll tag, because of these mid tempos and the groove of the music. In my opinion this kind of death metal is the trademark of the band and clearly it is not death ‘n’ roll. Musically speaking this album has more freshness that the latest releases of them. The reasons could be many and different. The moving of the mastermind of the band to a new location or the connection of him with Phil Hall of the CANNABIS CORPSE, who have co-written and recorded the guitars, could be two of them. However this recording is the most exciting listening from S.F.U. after a lot of years.

Most of the S.F.U.’s albums have two or three songs that stand out as singles. “Crypt Of The Devil” is no exception, although this time we have a lot of them that can take this role. The obvious choice would be the opening track and the following one. And they really are excellent songs that can stuck up in your brain. Especially “Open Coffin Orgy” which has been also released as video and its intro reminds me of another S.F.U. classic – “Revenge Of The Zombie”. Except of those songs, “Compulsive To Brutalize” and “Lost Remains”, “Stab” and “Break The Cross In Half” are also really good death metal songs with beautifully gory riffs and solos.

In the lyrics area as I have already mentioned the imagination of Chris Barnes takes us on a journey where the darkest of the minds dwell. As always a parental discretion is advised. That advice goes really back in time since the very first release of Mr. Barnes with CANNIBAL CORPSE. Yet my wish is that his lyrics of gore would keep on haunting the death metal scene.

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