MORTAL TORMENT is a brutal death metal band from Greece. Ok that should be enough for a band description. Why bother to go further in their music or personality of the band members?? They are sick problematic youngsters who they don’t know jack-shit about music. Ok, ok if you insist, it’s your ears, I’ve already heard the album and survived.

“Cleaver Redemption” is the second album of Mortal Torment. Yes they grew up, they became wiser but they are still as sick as the evil clown of “IT” in a more brutal and gory way. This album should fit perfect as a soundtrack to a gore movie or in a military movie with armor tanks marching all the time. It’s really, really HEAVY!

Short in time (only 33 minutes) you can’t even think that you might get bored. The music itself will prevent you from that actually. The production was made in Bree Studio in Athens. The band achieved a really massive sound. John “Remedy” Nakos is like a beast on the microphone. You can hear everything in place and clear and you won’t lose any of the fun. Very groovy, fast in some points, with “machine-like” drumming and sick riffing “Cleaver Redemption” is an album that should be a part of any brutal death metal fan’s discography.

Ok enough advertisement I did to these sick bastards. Their music sucks really. Makes you want to rip your ears off and put them in a blender. Don’t hear it and don’t buy it!!
Tits, Gore and BREEEE!!!

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