In thrash metal, the Canadians had it going on their own special way. Don’t know if it was the kraf dinner, the hockey or the maple syrup, but bands like Razor, Sacrifice, Voivod, Slaughter and of course Annihilator, put Canada into the metal map with a big stamp. ANNIHILATOR being the most unstable band in terms of line-up, have somehow maintaned a vision through thick and thin under the mastermind mainman Jeff Waters (“Alice In Hell”, “Never Neverland”, “Set The World On Fire”, “King Of The Kill”, “Carnival Diablos” and the list goes on and on).

They’re back with a brand new album, featuring Jeff on vocals after “King Of The Kill”. The a cappella intro of the addictive mid-tempo title track (brings back the “Carnival Diablos” days) sets the tone for what we’re going to hear. A chorus you can’t get enough of, a fast solo part showing us why Jeff Waters is rightfully a guitar god. “My Revenge” starts off in a headbanging manner and with a verse riff that reminds me of early Metallica, crushing everything in its path and meant to be a concert favorite for moshers. Melody returns with “Snap”‘s Hard Rockin’ chorus and overall structure, being a mid-tempo Heavy track mostly. Don’t let the intro of “Creepin’ Again” deceive you, this is a crushing Thrasher, with Jeff sounding as twisted as he should be, begging to be played live next to “W.T.Y.D.” and “Phantasmagoria”.

“Narcotic Avenue” is one of my personal favorites, with a uber fast verse and a headbanger-inducing chorus, with a great solo break in the middle, ending with a fade out acoustic melody. The Priest-like intro of “The One You Serve”, brings us a mid-tempo track with great melodies and crushing riffs to give the listener more room for headbanging, let alone the top-notch solo courtesy of Mr. Waters. “Break, Enter” is a balanced track between Thrash aggression and mid-tempo, with a nice bass break in the middle. “Death Scent” is a mid-tempo headbanger as well and sort of atmospheric up until the 3:47 minute mark where things get wild and Thrashy. “Every Minute” is a mid-tempo melodic track with a great chorus (very positive message) to end the record in the best possible note.

Annihilator, they did it again people! Technical, melodic, with complete songs in it, this is Annihilator the way they should be!

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