ABORTED is a band I personally respect, but never had the chance to thoroughly have a look at their discography. Here we have the band’s 20th anniversary EP released as a 10″. Let’s have a look at this little treat here.

After the “Liberate Me Ex Inferis” intro, the album kicks off with the title track “Termination Redux“, and we come to face three and a half minutes of modern brutal death insanity with a really smart acoustic break in the middle under the wall of guitars and a beautiful solo! They also made a really sexy video for this one! If I were to describe their style, it would be like taking the legacy of SUFFOCATION, VILE (vocally) and CANNIBAL CORPSE and adding a modern riff-twist to it.

“Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry” keeps up the tempo, with some thrash parts amidst the blastbeats, with a great groovy riff in the middle followed by a top notch solo. A 2-minute crusher follows, meant to crack heads open with its simplicity and energy, called “Bound In Acrimony”, thrashing about!

The EP ends with “The Holocaust Re-Incarnate” (a re-recording of “The Holocaust Incarnate” off the “Engineering The Dead” (2001) ), which is the song with the most twists and turns on this EP, from blasting to thrash parts to groovy heavy riffage and so on. A version definitely heavier due to the production, and an extended solo part, giving the song a jam feel.

Ultimately, this is exactly a treat that the long-time ABORTED fans will really enjoy. Fast, brutal, showing the bands identity after 20 years in the making!

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