Being a huge fan of a band, carries the “burden” and the obligation, to speak the truth, always as a personal opinion and not as a dogma, of course. Yes, I’m a great fan of ROTTING CHRIST. I grew up with their songs and their music, their attitude and their big “fuck you” to the world, by doing everything, the way they wanted it! It was my “rebellion” along with them, against all those who got or felt offended by their music or name!

Now, almost thirty years since their formation, ROTTING CHRIST, release their 12th studio album entitled “Rituals”. Sakis Tolis, the mastermind behind the band, confirms that this is their darkest album up to present. Indeed, “Rituals” is dark, atmospheric,and it almost sounds as the title implies, a big ritual! It’s another multicultural album, with its main theme being rituals, from other civilizations or cultures including their own (Greek). Here, we can hear a song in the Aramaic language, in French (featuring Vorph of SAMAEL). Another one in Indie and of course, another one in Greek, as I mentioned before. This “concept” by itself, brings “Rituals” in need of time and lots of listening sessions, to get familiar with the songs. Though the result, sounds very interesting at the beginning, as time passes and someone gets familiar with the songs, easily understands that things are not that peachy at all.

Since, “Theogonia” (2007) and forward, ROTTING CHRIST’ s sound, hasn’t change that much and as it seems, here, this particular music approach, reached a downside peak, for the band’s standards. Some songs are great, like “Του Θανάτου” or “For A Voice Like Thunder” (feat. Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost ). “Les Litanies De Satan”, “In Nomine Dei Nostri”, “Ze Nigmar” and “Ελθέ Κύριε”, are  good songs also, with this unique style, but also reminding me a lot of their recent past. The rest, are surely below the standards that ROTTING CHRIST used their audiences at, and that’s the problem. At some points, even from their previous release “Κατά τον Δαίμονα εαυτού”, the band seems to have lost their inspiration.

“Rituals”, is an album with some good moments, but from a band that I dearly love, I wouldn’t want just that. I know, it’s not realistic for a band with a career spanning overthirty years, to only have great albums. That is not feasible for a band. Any band has its ups and downs and here, ROTTING CHRIST, have a down moment.

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