Coming from West Virginia,U.S.A., BRIMSTONE COVEN label their music, as dark occult rock. The label sounds familiar, as many bands tend to return into this retro, occult sound, that characterized many bands of the 60’s and 70’s. All these flat sounding modern records by new bands, resulted into the rebirth of vintage genres, with occult rock being one of them. This year, BRIMSTONE COVEN release their newest album, entitled ‘Black Magic’ via Metal Blade records.

Not being familiar with BRIMSTONE COVEN’s music, I expected them to sound close to UNCLE ACID for example, or at least, close to the music of YEAR OF THE GOAT. However, they have created their own unique music style. Heavily influenced by BLACK SABBATH, with slow overdriven guitar riffs, combined with harmonic vocals, blending into this mixture, that sounds both doomy and vintage rock, as well. The production, as well as the sound, which was used to express the band’s music, is somehow a time-machine taking us back to the 70’s, doing an excellent job in showing us their gratitude to the bands that influenced them, like BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM and also COVEN.

Black Magic’ includes songs that sound faster and heavier than others, but also includes songs, that slow down using acoustic guitars extensively. In the front line, ‘Slow Death’, ‘Black Magic’, ‘Black Unicorn’ show the passionate side of BRIMSTONE COVEN leaning towards stoner, doom and vintage all together, reminding me a lot of BLACK SABBATH’s Ozzy era. On the other hand, ‘The Plague’ and ‘As We Fall’ are more into the vintage, acoustic sound that blends LED ZEPPELIN, with the modern occult rock sound. Most of the lyrics, refer to the occult, as expected, but other issues are also involved as well.

The record, in overall, is well-organized, including songs that contain unique melodies, and vocals sounding vintage and fresh, at the same time. There are also many guitar riffs, for the listener, to get psyched about and even if someone does not like the record in its entirety, there isn’t a chance to not find a few songs that you’ll fancy yourself with.

‘Black Magic’, may not be the record of the year, but it definitely deserves some attention, especially from all those who are into vintage rock and the rock of the 70’s. Dark, inspiring and refreshing, ‘Black Magic’ offers many great songs, that can be mixed into a playlist full of older and modern occult bands, as well. What is more interesting with BRIMSTONE COVEN, is the fact that they don’t try to mimic the fuzzy, vintage rock bands with the heavily distorted sound, that our era has introduced, alas they try to stay loyal to their roots, performing their darker doom-influenced songs.

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