[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 6
Label: Relapse Records
Website: Link
Author: Kostas Tsotsanis[/colored_box]

The workaholic sludgers Indian from Chicago, Illinois had a busy decade. In about eight years they managed to release five full-length records, creating a variety of reactions about their music and their discography. Their first records are considered as their worst, while ‘Guiltless’ their biggest career milestone till now. ‘Guiltless’ received many extra positive reviews from the press and three years afterwards the band presents us their next record, ‘From All Purity’, released by Relapse Records, the record label I mostly consider one spot for my top five.

Indian are masters of the slow and extreme sludge music. Their songs are based on slow riffs, extreme screams and there is no trace of groove in their song’s structure. The band reaches out for being ambient and rough, just like a more extreme version of Amenra. Their music is destructive, but not all the times does the band create songs that will detain the listener. While listening to ‘Guiltless’ I figured out that the band mixed all their creativity, which totally justifies the outcome. I started listening to ‘From All Purity’ with the same feeling and hope I had while listening to their previous record.

From All Purity’ is a classic Indian record. There are plenty of heavy, slow guitar riffs and melodies, combined with noise elements and screaming vocal lines. I’ve mentioned noise elements (noise meaning the music genre), because of the large usage of distorted sounds just like in the song ‘Clarify’, which in my opinion is just filler for this record. ‘From All Purity’ could survive without it. The band performs slowly and determined. It is all about classical, ambient sludge after all.

The records duration is just perfect for a sludge record, with six songs (‘Clarify’ is the fifth one) on it. With the very first song, ‘Rape’, the band introduces us into the pompous drumming and the ambient guitars. The vocals are devilish, massive and screaming. In ‘The Impetus Bleeds’ we can identify some melodies in the music, something which isn’t really noticeable within the drain of slow riffs and noises. The specific song is one of my favorite off this record, with the next one, ‘Directional’ to be the second. There is a lovely feeling of pain the songs tend to cause to the listener. I am talking about the feeling of redemption, the one that only slow sludge can offer to the listener, especially when combined with lyrics about social and personal difficulties.

As far as the speedy moments of the record are concerned, we can describe ‘Phetoric of No’ to be the most extreme song of the record, with constant guitars in the beginning, switching to slower and faster moments in different minutes within the songs. However, the record does not prove itself better than their previous one. There is much more for Indian to achieve and much more fans to be conquered. The band is doing great but hasn’t offered us something ground-breaking until now and ‘From All Purity’ leaves us thirsty about an excellent record.

Track List Line Up
01. Rape
02. The Impetus Bleeds
03. Directional
04. Phetoric of No
05. Clarify
06. Disambiguation
Dylan O’ Toole – Guitars, Vocals
Will Lindsay – Guitars, Vocals
Ron Defries – Bass
Bill Bumgardner – Drums