If someone would tell me, that the Greek heavy metal scene is inferior to other similar music scenes, around the world, I would say nothing. I’d tie him/her in a chair, and make him/her listen at least twenty albums, that came out the past ten years, from this country. One of those records, would surely be, RANDOMWALK‘s latest release entitled “Declaration”.

These guys’ third album, definitely sounds more mature and focused to what they want to express. Their heavy gothic, blended with some metalcore elements, has become very interesting and addictive, to a point. Each song has its own identity, but it’s easy to understand that each one is a part of an entity. Also, the similarities with their previous releases, are small but the RANDOMWALK signature is present.

I can’t find something that excesses the whole package. The music is strong, solid, beautiful and very theatrical. Surely there are songs, that can stick in your mind and others not that strong, being quite far from bad songs, though. Jean Baptiste’ s voice, is truly charismatic. He can become from gentle to hurtful, in a bling of an eye, with great success. As for the rest of the band, their performance stands on high level. The sound of the guitars, is really heavy and gives the proper weight, to the album. The same goes for the drumming and the bass, as well. They are not simply present, they breathe, alongside the other instruments on the mix. Finally, the orchestral parts complete the picture giving the proper drama and needed depth, to the music.

RANDOMWALK took their music, to the next step. Songs like “Declaration” or “Absentia” and “The Crown” can become addictive. Their sound, is not unique, but it won’t get you bored and you’ll surely have a great time listening to “Declaration”. Each and every fan of the atmospheric heavy/gothic genre, must hear this album.

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