Those who are fans of this -two decades and counting- Swedish melodic metal quintet already know that ‘The Storm Within’ is the 10th record EVERGREY has -just- released and they probably know that this one features guest vocals by, Tom S. Englund’s (vocals/guitar/ main composer) wife, Carina Englund and Floor Jansen (Nightwish). These fans will most likely wonder if this album will live up to their expectations. Which were high, since the band’s previous effort: ‘Hymns For The Broken’, was commercially and critically acclaimed. My guess is that it will.

The band has delivered a recording which has all the elements that make their music distincable. Skilled musianship, melancholic atmosphere and heavy guitar sound. In ‘The Storm Within’ there are powerful modern metal songs (“Distance“, “My Allied Ocean“), songs with memorable melodies and catchy choruses (“Passing Through“, “In Orbit “) and ballads (“The Impossible”, “The Paradox Of The Flame”). Rikard Zander’s well-played keyboards are dominating most of the songs, while Henrik Danhage plays some exceptional guitar solos but it’s, once again, the melodic and passionate vocal lines of Tom S. Englund that release the emotions of the listener. The entire album is easily listenable and it gives the feeling that the band was going for with the album’s lyrics and that is the acceptance of the loss of a loved one. The only thing missing is the element of surprise. All their works since ‘Monday Morning Apocalypse’ have similar feel and songs to them.

Those who will hear Evergrey for the first time now will be fascinated by the sweet sounding keyboards that mix wonderfully with the sharp guitars and the strong but melancholic voice of Mr. Englund. Even if someone is not that much in the style of this kind of music before, he/she will be triggered to listen more from this band, after listening to ‘The Storm Within’, as it is a perfect soundtrack for these dark Autumn days.

In conclusion, newest and older listeners should be satisfied with this beautiful work. I recommend it to both!

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