Evergrey // Bat City, Athens, Greece // 28.11.2014

Evergrey is a Swedish progressive metal band. They are widely known in the metal community and especially to the lovers of this kind of music. The Greek funs follow the band since its beginning , so it was a great surprise their coming in Greece. They gave a beautiful show at Bat City, in Athens city, on Friday, the 28th.

The doors opened around 22.00. People were continuously coming, and the bar was full a few minutes before 23.00. Then Evergey came and Started their live immediately. They played for an hour-more or less- and among the songs were some of the next day’s live. The show opened with “As I lie here bleeding”. Other well-known songs from past albums were “Blinded” and “I’m sorry”. They also performed “Wasted Years” , one of the most famous Iron Maiden’s songs and “God of Thunder” of Kiss. Moreover, they presented a few songs from their latest album “Hymns for the Broken”, which was released in September, such as “king of Errors” and “Hymns for the Broken”. The whole acoustic set was performed with two acoustic guitars, a synthesizer and a cajon, along with the powerful voice of Tom Englund.

During the show the band members were very friendly and enjoyed the hospitality…by drinking beer and ouzo, and joking with the people there. The reactions from the audience were very positive and, for sure, everybody had a great time.

Report: Eöl Úmanyar
Photos: Sofia Theodorou


Broken / As I Lie
Hymns For The Broken
Recreation Day
Words Mean Nothing
Missing You
These Scars
King Of Errors
I’m Sorry
Wasted Year (Iron Maiden Cover)
God Of Thunder (Kiss Cover)


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