Sunday morning and I just need a coffee ASAP. First sip of coffee, first listening session of the album, first riffs of the album “Low Teens”. The weird intro –classic Every Time I Die paranoia- was the best punch in the face to wake me up. “Fear and trembling”: they couldn’t have kicked off the album with a better song.

It’s 2016, nearly two decades of being a band and EVERY TIME I DIE, always find a way to remind us their creepy metalcore music. Unfortunately, they had to cancel and re-schedule a handful of European shows, as a result of the tragic Paris bombings.The eighth full length album release for the Buffalo band entitled “Low Teens” (kinda weird, uh … ?) was produced by Will Putney (Acacia Strain, Body Count, Exhumed) and features guests including Deadguy‘s Tim Singer roaring alongside frontman Keith Buckley on opening track, “Fear and Trembling,” and Panic at the Disco‘s Brendan Urie,  providing a melodic counterpoint on “It Remembers.”

is the kind of metalcore band that actually channels the real aggression and speed of hardcore old school punk, while also showing off their strong heavy metal and southern rock influence.I believe this album is chaotic with great southern groove, a little bit of pinch of hardcore as they throw many punches in our faces. There’s the proof, though, they’re still one of the most substantial metalcore acts these days, as both hardcore and metal fans praise them.What the fuck is this paranoid piano outro of “Awful lot”? OK, I’ll need a second coffee break!
EVERY TIME I DIE have this special gift: They combine many genres so peacefully. With their other strength being their ability to write superb catchy vocal melodies. I mean, Keith has a silver tongue.

So, EVERY TIME I DIE, have done it again. They have created a masterpiece and not because they have to, but because they fucking want to. They always find a way to bring peace, after the storm and vice versa. Even after almost twenty years, they are full of surprises, keeping their fans guessing what is going on with their chaotic albums. Boys, GOOD JOB!

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