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I’ve said it many times. The female fronted metal scene has come to a very difficult point, where it has many bands with indifferent music and sometimes indifferent voices. Well, here that is not the case.

ENEMY OF REALITY’s debut album, “Rejected Gods” presented a band with great musicians, a tremendous voice and a super concept. Musically, the band balanced between symphonic metal and the progressive sound. The outcome was not bad at all, but it was confusing at some points with the production not helping it that much. Now, two years after, the band releases their second album “Arakhne” and the result is mind-blowing.

The concept of the album brings forth the ancient Hellenic myth of the spider origin’s and creation. The intro, gives you the feeling that something big and majestic comes your way. It’s also obvious from the first second, that the orchestration has come to a higher level.

“I Spare You” is the first song and things get great from the beginning. More focused music with some good power riffs from Steelianos (and solos of course), the drums and bass giving the thickness this kind of music needs. As for Iliana, we take a first good taste of what her voice can do! “A Gift Of Curse”, is majestic and Iliana, here, sings a bit different than the way she’s used us. Not a bad surprise.

In “Reflected”, we have the first guest with Fabio Lione (RHAPSODY OF FIRE-ANGRA) making a dialog-like song, with Iliana giving the elevation this song needed. “Weakness Lies Within” which follows, is one of my favorites, because of its melancholic feeling and some THERION influences, that hide inside the song.

“It is very clear that the band worked their ass off for this album”

With “Time Immemorial”, we reach the half of the album. Here, we have the first harsh vocals on this record. The piano gives some extra madness to the song and what is that? Dubstep sounds in a metal song? Indeed, there are some dubstep sounds in the song that make the difference and give something new. Great idea!

“Nouthetisis”, starts with Iliana reciting in ancient Greek and with a Diamanda Galas feeling. The song evolves to something musically great with double operating vocals and with a very power metal refrain. Next one is “Afraid No More”. A mid tempo song, with Iliana leaving once more our mouths wide open and an amazing guitar solo by Steelianos.

“Showdown”, is where Iliana meets Chiara Malvestiti (THERION) giving an exploding result to the song. Thanos (on bass) and Philip (on drums) make the sound amazingly huge here and the orchestration from Leonidas creates a musical orgy here, as well. Second to last, is “Taste Of Defeat”. A mid tempo song, again, but with awesome songwriting from the band. Another favorite one. Last one is “In Hiding”, which starts with heavy riffing and then the orchestration follows alongside with Iliana. A more heavy and groovy song, but also evolving to something great.

It is very clear that the band worked their ass off for this album. The result is greater than what I expected and many steps above their debut release.

The album was recorded/mixed by George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST) and Mark Adrian. The artwork was designed by Tony Midi Artworks (PAPA ROACH, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, SUICIDE SILENCE, PARKWAY DRIVE) and expect Fabio Lione and Chiara Malvestiti as guests, Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) gives his magical touch in “Nouthetisis”. Great effort and music by ENEMY OF REALITY and I can’t wait to see them live on stage again.

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