Enemy Of Reality, The Silent Wedding, Devotion // Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece // 14.02.2015

I can’t really say that vallentine’s day ever was my cup of tee, not because of the enormous love feelings but all this promotional shit we received because of the day… Although, the day was marked by ENEMY OF REALITY‘s show who came back to Athens after a mini tour to Greece and a major importance participation to Metal Female Voices Fest. ENEMY OF REALITY even if there is a newcoming band, they gained really good reviews for the debut album “Rejected Gods”, a fact that brought a lot of interest to me to see how will they perform on stage.

I had many months to visit six d.o.g.s but I took as for granted the fact that the sound would not be perfect, since the last time I was there wasn’t good at all. Although, I can say that the sound was a lot better than I expected. I have to mention that since there are many people who worked a lot on this part and it’s not right to forgot it. Respect to the production company, the club members and the musicians for this result.

The show begun with DEVOTION, an all-girl band which even the young of their age seemed to won a big part of the crowd with the combination of alternative rock and post hardcore music they played. I could consider them as a good opening act which received an attention by the crowd and transmitted a really positive vibe for the continuing acts. Their music but also their technical abilities wasn’t perfect, nevertheless they are young and if they can work on this we could expect better things in the future.

The band that came next was THE SILENT WEDDING. The group came back to Greece from a well impressive tour with THRESHOLD which gained them many experiences and it should be only the beginning for further more stuff in their future career. The band had a lot of interaction with the crowd and managed to gain a lot of attention by playing song from their debut album “Livin Experiments”. The attitude and the good interaction with people was one of the reasons which made it to fire up the club.


It was time to see the headliners of the show. To tell you the truth, it seemed to be a little delay to get prepared, but a part of responsibility goes to the small club; that’s for sure. ENEMY OF REALITY after the great debut album and comments they took from the international press force the Athenian crowd to impatiently wait to see them. So, after a small intro the soprano singer Iliana Tsakiraki came up to the stage along with her fellow band members.

They played song from their debut album and the people in the club seemed to enjoy their presence on stage. Among their songs they chose to play “I Wish I had An Angel” from NIGHTWISH, in which Andreas Denwar from the band CHTHONIAN ALCHEMY came on stage in order to sing along with Iliana.  It would be hard for me to comment on Andreas objectively, since he is a member of Metalpaths’ team, but I have to mention that it was an interesting duet.

Furthermore, having the honor to watch her in a previous band, I can say that Iliana has reached all these years a top singing level on metal music, which can define her among huge names of the global music scene. Her voice quality seems that comes together with the rest of the band members; whose technical quality is in a very good level. I put a lot of expectations on this band and if they raise that level in their future albums they may surprise the global metal scene.

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