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Have you ever been in a situation that you can’t possibly find the words to describe something amazing or cool or even weird and magical? This is what happened to me with AENAON’S new album “Hypnosophy“. It is a king of musical ecstasy, a dream, a dope to another dimension, a weird feeling of insecure and passion together! All you have to do is let it flow…

Beginning with opening track “Oneirodynia”, Pandora’s box opens. A wonderfull song with black metal and avant-garde influences and the addition of a saxophone giving a strange and soothing atmosphere. Probably one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year and it’s just the opening track! The combination of styles, voices and instruments is bizarre, eccentric and totally unique reminding maybe something from ARCTURUS, though slightly more freaky.

Up next “Fire Walk With Me” continues the journey into the subconscious and the world of dreams (you should definitely read the lyrics). The guitars are just amazing and the whole production is done very thorough so that you can listen to every part of the various instruments involving.

“A king of musical ecstasy, a dream, a dope to another dimension, a weird feeling of insecure and passion together!”

Simply magnificent and mind-blowing is also the next one “Earth Tomb”, which has also be filmed for a video clip. A progressive black metal/avant-garde one but reminding me also of 70’s rock psychedelic moments with wondrous guitars, altering vocals and oh… that saxophone is brilliant again! Propably the best track of the album and with a chorus that just can’t get out of my head.

Same can be said about “Void” as well. The difference here is that we have a beautiful female voice similar to Anneke’s from THE GATHERING. She really makes this track her own as long as many traditional instruments are so cleverly combined once again. “Tunel” is a more straightforward black metal track, fast and multidimensional and so is the next “Thus Oceans Swell” reaching the end of the album with the fifteen track “Phronesis – Psychomagic” in which the band unfolds all its talent and soul.

I am so proud that AENAON are coming from Greece, and this is one the best albums the year my friends! Words and ratings are nothing in front of the ecstasy and owe this album made me feel. My sincere congratulations AENAON.