“A Parallel Zoetrope” is a 7″ split LP, which consists of 500 copies from the Greek Blacksters Aenaon and the Romanian band Satanochio. In the first side of the LP you can listen to Aenaon’s song “I, Tyrant”. The song starts with a classic black metal riff that reminds some favorite bands like late Satyricon.

Furthermore, the band shows some progressive elements considering their backing vocals and some melodic guitar riffs. I firmly believe that, this is their most complete song considering their previous EP called “Phenomenon”. Although, they have put the limit higher, if the keep up the good work and the innovative ideas they undoubtedly get what they seek in the near future.

On the other side of the EP you can the track “Crimson Grim” of the Romanian group Satanochio. It begins with a nice groovy blackened riff, but the vocals kills it all as they don’t fit the band’s attitude at all. Surely, if they do some changes in their line up things will be better.

Lastly, the artwork is great and very carefully done. Till, next complete job of both bands, you can happily headband with this nice LP.

Track List Line Up
0.1 I , Tyrant
0.2 Crimson King
Astrous – Vocals
Achilleas C. – Guitar
Dagwn – Guitar
Thyragon – Bass

Vasilis “Lifer” Savvoglou