Banned from several countries and cities due to their satanic, antichristian themed music and live show, but with an amazing debut album (Litourgiya), BATUSHKA are visiting Athens for a live show that we will remember for a long time.

The name Батюшка means father, in Cyrillic, with the priest sense of the word. Rumors have it, that the members of the band are well known musicians from other Polish black metal bands. Although someone could easily find similarities between BATUSHKA and GHOST, as their appearance and dressing code on stage looks alike, the similarities stops there. Musically, the bands totally differ. BATUSHKA, have mixed their black metal with chanting vocals and with a religious feeling, that makes you wonder if you are indeed hearing a black metal band. The band itself, has said that they prefer the audience to decide and make sense of the album and what represents. Their live shows are a full ritual, that it can easily surprise even the most difficult fan.

BATUSHKA, is one of 2015’s biggest surprises and “Litourgiya” one of the greatest albums this music genre has offered, so far. I know, that many people focus on their appearance and how they “sell” it. But the difference is in their shows. Their debut album is a masterpiece and a must have for every fan out there. As for their comparison with GHOST, in my mind it looks like the two sides of a coin, a very twisted one!