At The Gates

Report: Rockwave Festival, Day 3 – Athens, Greece

Early Monday noon at Terravibe Park for Rockwave festival. The third day of Rockwave festival started at Vibe Stage with a newcomer band called Black Hat Bones. Even though there were only a group of 20 people beneath them, that didn't affect the band's mood at all and the audience responded really well. Musicwise, Black Hat Bones play dirty Hard Rock inspired by Motorhead and some stoner elements here and there making them the ideal opener for such a hot summers' day. They didn't forget to thank the audience for attending early on. Next came one of the most promising Greek modern metal bands with one album in their back catalogue called Psycho Choke. Being really energetic and with a sound reminiscent of Slipknot and Machine Head they made the crowd headbang even harder and caused some small pits of 3-5 people. With a really good mood on their side, Psycho Choke did their best and put on a great show under the burning sun leaving promises for a new album till the end of 2013. We'll surely looking forward to it.


Fan-filmed video footage of Swedish melodic death metal pioneers AT THE GATES performing a cover version of the SLAYER classic "Captor Of Sin"on June 21 at this year's Hellfest in Clisson, France can be seen below. When introducing the track, AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindbergsaid: "This next song is not an AT THE GATES song, it's a cover. Without this band, the music that we love so much would not exist in this world as we know it. We wanna send this one out to one of the greatest songwriters of modern days. This one goes out to Mr. Jeff Hanneman. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you 'Captor Of Sin'." A studio recording of AT THE GATES' version of "Captor Of Sin" was included on the reissue of the band's classic 1995 album "Slaughter Of The Soul". Members of SLAYER released a statement on May 9 saying thatHanneman died of alcohol-related cirrhosis. He is credited for writing many of the band's classic songs, including "Angel Of Death" and "South Of Heaven".