Death Courier

Report: Aura Noir + Support Acts – Athens, Greece

Saturday night at An Club ready for an extreme metal night to be remembered: After 10 years and one gig cancelling 2 years ago, Aura Noir the hellish originators of Black/Thrash from Norway have come to Greece for a special live show. On their side, the old school of Death/Thrash Death Courier from Patras and the really strong Blacksters Abyssgale, who hit the stage at 9 o clock. With a sound between the Norwegian Black metal style combined with a good amount of Thrash influences deriving from Sodom, Destruction and Celtic Frost, they stomped the stage with emphasis basing their set on "The Coming Plague" EP plus 3 songs of their upcoming album "Hegemon" ("Execution Litany", "Anoint Wounds With Poison", "Hegemon" and "Altar Thane Of Mental Alienation") showing that the best is yet to come for them. We also had the first small circle pits of the night. Then we have the mighty Death Courier, the Death/Thrashers from Patras who came back with their amazing "Perimortem" album ripping it out old school way showing the younger people how things should be done. Unfortunately the crowd wasn't pretty energetic in terms of moshing since everyone awaited for the headliners of the night, yet everyone had a good time and headbanged as much as possible. The set of Death Courier included the entire "Perimortem" record in their set alongside the tracks "Demise", "Copkiller" and a cover of Possessed's classic "The Exorcist"! The band everyone was waiting for finally took the stage and from the first track to the last one the only thing left to say was this: violent moshing, stagediving and Black/Thrash lessons delivered to those unaware. Including material from every album of their career ("Black Thrash Attack", "Dreams Like Desert", "Deep Tracts Of Hell", "The Merciless", "Hades Rise", "Out To Die") they showed everybody how things were done with amazing tracks such as "Sons Of Hades", "Black Thrash Attack" and "Conqueror" whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy, really paying off the band that celebrates their 10th anniversary of their last show in Greece. Even though their bass player was unlucky with his bass, since his string broke on the first track, no one was really bothered by it chanting "AURA NOIR! AURA NOIR!" as loud as possible and that fired up the band to give in 100% of their capabilities. They included a cover of the Celtic Frost classic "Dethroned Emperor" to finish up any neck left unbroken from furious headbanging. Everybody left satisfied when the lights went on. Wish every one in Metal Defiance that put up this event well and as the band said "We are Aura Noir THE UGLIEST BAND IN THE WORLD!". Let's hope we'll see more of that in the future.

Underground: Death Courier – Perimortem

Let's go deep into the old school Greek extreme metal underground: remember a band called Death Courier? One of the oldest bands of the Greek Death metal scene (starting back in 1987) releasing the well known demo "Necrorgasm" (1991) and the first full length album one year after that called "Demise" (1992). They disbanded after that but they came back with new members and the oldest man Bill on bass/vocals with a new album including material from previous releases and stuff not completed during the early days of the band. The album starts thundering with "Feeding The Abyss" showing strong influences of Morbid Angel and the necessary Thrashy elements to break the blasting inferno putting a smile on the listeners face. Then comes "Worman" blasting again interrupting for a bit of midtempo Thrashing between verses showing some disarmonic parts towards the end. The massacre continues with "Deprive The Deceased" one of the best tracks of the album Thrashing through the listeners ears after a blasting intro, a kick ass chorus followed by a solo reminiscent of Death or Pestilence and indicating some keyboards wisely put to intensify the darkening feel of the song. "Mindwarp" comes up next ripping with some of the best lyrics of the album dealing with the issue of limited knowledge of young people and brainwash tactics used in institutions and schools. Musicwise is a Death/Thrash tornado done the old school way with a groovy part just before the end. "Devour The Moment" features more blasting and groovy parts and a small lead before the final blastbeat part.