DARKTHRONE: ‘Black Death And Beyond’ Vinyl Box Set Due In May

Norwegian black metal veterans DARKTHRONE will release "Black Death And Beyond" on May 12 via Peaceville Records. It is a special collector's box-set featuring an in-depth book containing extensive accounts of the band's history and philosophy from both Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell and Ted "Nocturno Culto" Skjellum, as well as additional recollections from bass player Dag Nilsen. Numerous other artists and friends along the way give their thoughts on the legends too, plus the book contains a large amount of personal photos from the band archive. Also included are three vinyls featuring DARKTHRONE's own choice cuts from their illustrious collection of death, black, metal and punk classics, presented on white, black and transparent vinyl, plus woven DARKTHRONE patch. All pre-orders of "Black Death And Beyond" also come with a signed certificate from the band. Fenriz explains the concept behind the track selections: "I never quit my day job; one of the reasons being that I can listen to music on headphones there all the time. To the extent that I rarely listen to music at home anymore, and if I do, it's like I can't hear it properly. At work with headphones is where the details reveal themselves and also which songs I can and can't use in compilations or DJing appear quite clearly. "Every time I get/buy a cassette or vinyl, I have to transfer them to WAV files via a computer program, then I write a little note to accompany the final burnt disc. But the note first swings by my workplace where I can rate the various songs with a clever underlining system called The Fenrizolator. And so pass the days. "Then came the idea to do a DARKTHRONE book and with it a vast box set. There was talk about three compilation discs, one with Death, one with Black and one with our other styles. So be it. But this time I took it upon myself do it properly. And to do that... well, I had to face my own rating system. Because I also use the F-olator on regular CDs, it took three whole days to rate all of our 16 full-length albums. Certain discoveries were made, like the song I think is worst by DARKTHRONE is 'Hans Siste Vinter' (scoring only 12 out of 60 points) and also that 'The Cult Is Alive' is probably our best album — at least it's the one with the highest grades consistently. But I digress. Aggressive digressor!!! Lists were made, and I truly tried to be as honest and fair as possible. Ted was initially going to do this but I think he suddenly saw how monumental a task it would be, and ended up with — well, what you hold in your hands right now. My 'best oF' trying to follow both my biased ratings, crystal logic and also personal favorites and my fave Ted songs." This edition of "Black Death And Beyond" is strictly limited to a single vinyl pressing. Once it's sold out, it will not be re-pressed. "Black Death And Beyond" track listing: Black: Side 1: 01. In the Shadow of the Horns 02. Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn 03. Under a Funeral Moon 04. I en Hall Med Flesk og Mjod Side 2: 01. The Hordes of Nebulah 02. The Claws of Time 03. Fucked Up & Ready to Die 04. Hate is the Law 05. The Cult of Goliath Death: Side 1: 01. Snowfall 02. Sunrise over Locus Mortis 03. Soulside Journey 04. Neptune Towers 05. Nor the Silent Whispers Side 2: 01. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia (NRK version) 02. Sadomasochistic Rites 03. In his Lovely Kingdom 04. Black Daimon 05. Paragon Belial Beyond: Side 1: 01. Graveyard Slut 02. Forebyggende Krig 03. These Shores are Damned 04. Pervertor of the 7 Gates 05. Wisdom of the Dead Side 2: 01. The Winds they

Classic SAXON Albums Reissued On Vinyl

Established in 2004, Back On Black specializes in vinyl editions of classic metal albums and is dedicated to providing top-quality releases for record collectors and metal fans worldwide. The label just reissued the following SAXON albums: * "The Eagle Has Landed" (1982) * "Denim And Leather" (1981) * "Innocence Is No Excuse" (1985) * "Power And The Glory" (1983) * "Rock The Nations" (1986) * "Crusader" (1984) * "Wheels Of Steel" (1980) * "Strong Arm Of The Law" (1980) The albums are available for purchase at The label's releases are pressed on exquisite, heavy weight vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality with a mesmerizing tactile feel that makes them a pleasure to handle. Beautiful vinyl colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, with some releases available in a variety of colours for the dedicated collector. Many releases are double, or even triple, LPs. The artwork itself is reworked to faithfully interpret the original album, and reproduced on superior quality gatefold sleeves in heavy weight card with a superb and unrivalled finish. Back On Black also issues many exclusive vinyl editions of contemporary metal releases. Far from being dead, the beloved vinyl format is going from strength to strength — and Back On Black is proud to serve the needs of the metal vinyl connoisseur!

TESTAMENT Vinyl Reissues Due In September

Two titles by San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans TESTAMENT will be released on vinyl on September 24, shortly before the group kicks off its tour of North America alongside LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. The 2001 anthology "First Strike Still Deadly" features tracks fromTESTAMENT's iconic first two Megaforce/Atlantic albums (which have sold in excess of 500,000 copies combined), re-recorded with modern technology by the four-fifths of group's original lineup. The album has never been available on vinyl until now. Approximately 400 copies will be issued on 180-gram black vinyl; a limited-edition, 180-gram clear vinyl mail-order exclusive (approximately 100 copies) will also be offered. Originally released in 1990 in EP format on vinyl and cassette, and finally released in its entirety by Prosthetic in 2009, "Live At Eindhoven '87" — which captures TESTAMENT's legendary European coming-out party — will now be available on vinyl for the first time in its complete remastered form. In addition, the new LP layout — which features liner notes by guitaristAlex Skolnick — pays homage to the original EP artwork and includes never-before-seen pictures by noted photographer PG Brunelli. Approximately 400 copies will be 180-gram black vinyl; a limited-edition, 180-gram while vinyl mail-order exclusive (approx. 100 copies) will also be available. Prosthetic's five TESTAMENT reissues are some of the label's top catalog titles, and the vinyl versions of "The Gathering" and "Demonic" have been sold out for years, so don't miss your chance to order these exciting chapters of thrash history.

CORONER: ‘Death Cult’ Demo To Be Released On CD, Vinyl

No Remorse Records will release the "Death Cult" demo from Swiss technical thrash metal masters CORONER on CD and limited vinyl. This will be the first official re-release of "Death Cult", a four-song demo which was originally recorded and issued in 1986 in a limited edition of 250 cassette tapes. Due in December, it will also include bonus material. Originally part of the road crew for fellow countrymen CELTIC FROST,CORONER went on to become one of the most progressive extreme metal acts of the Eighties. The connection between the Zurich band and CELTIC FROST was so strong, in fact, that CELTIC FROST frontman Tom G. Warrior offered to handle vocals for the emerging band's demo. Warrior and CORONERentered Switzerland's Magnetix studio on October 10, 1985, and nine days later they walked out with the impressive four-song 1986 release,"Death Cult".

SAXON’s ‘Dogs Of War’ To Be Reissued On Limited 12-Inch Picture-Disc Vinyl

"Dogs Of War", the 1995 album from British heavy metal legends SAXON, will be released on very limited 12-inch picture-disc vinyl on July 15 viaDemon Music Group. Recorded in Boston, England, the band's twelfth studio LP was SAXON's third for Virgin Germany and was the last effort to feature guitarist Graham Oliver. The 10-track epic is a move in the heavier direction for SAXON and features rock powerhouses "Burning Wheels" and "Demolition Alley", with "monstrous artwork and trademark pounding riffs." SAXON's latest album, "Sacrifice", was released on March 1 in Europe (except in the U.K., where it was made available on March 4) and March 26 in North America through UDR. The CD was recorded at LS Studios in Yorkshire and was produced by singer Biff Byford, with Andy Sneapmixing and engineering by Jacky Lehmann. The cover artwork was created by longtime SAXON artist Paul Raymond Gregory.