“In The Warfield” is the first E.P. of the thrash/death band from Thessaloniki which was formed in 2007 and is indeed a very good start for the aggressive “new-borns”.

Even if it’s not flawless, their work transmitted to my listening soul these four young musicians’ passion and need to express their feelings and creativity through the magic of music. In their case,we are talking about social questions and “violent revolutions” which are well communicated through both music and lyrics.

If someone asked me which three words first came on my mind while listening to “In The Warfield”  those would be raw, direct and aggressive. Although the E.P. is quite old-school in mood and sound, the band’s wish to present a progressing thrash/death genre is obvious and made me believe that they can achieve it through steady evolution and partly unleash from their influences which are quite easily recognized.

The elements that really caught my attention were the clever orchestration, the impressive guitar skills, both lead and rhythm, and the rhythm section’s punctuality and bonding, especially during the mid-tempo parts of the E.P. To be honest, even though I found the vocals pretty good I would prefer them to be more expressive and violent.

All seven tracks are listened with pleasure…I meant aggression! However I picked out my personal top-three moments : the burst-out of “Revenge”, the violent  beat of “Murder Thoughts” and the extreme thrash solo in “Insane”. I also liked the artwork since it suits the content satisfyingly.

With apologies to Athens, Thessaloniki can proudly claim itself a great music beehive…it’s worth buying “In The Warfield” and rewarding such good efforts!

Website: www.myspace.com/vermilliondays

Track List Line Up
01. Vermillion Days
02. The feel To Kill
03. Revenge
04. In The Warfield
05. Murder Thoughts
06. Insane
07. Mass Deception
George – Guitar
Tasos – Bass / Vocals
Miltos – Guitar
Vaggelis – Drums

Katerina Papageorgiou.