Thrash metal bands in Greece pop up like fuckin mushrooms and that’s awesome! A whole scene has come together, sure they are rivalries between the bands, but who gives a fuck? It’s always been this way and time will tell the true and consistent from the knock-offs.

Acid-Fury are a Death/Thrash band formed in February 2013 and have made a good name in the underground for their brand of technical Death/Thrash influenced by Kreator, Watchtower, Sadus and Coroner. Their debut EP “The Hunt” kicks in with a beautiful instrumental called “A.S.H. (Atomic Season Of Humans)” that reminded me even of Nevermore. Then the title track comes in ripping fast like a more technical version of classic Kreator/Sadus riffage (some “Terrible Certainty” influence right there) and amazing soloing made evident from the first track. Also incredible clarity in the production (Made In Hell studios, the man’s an insane pro), as well as the fretless bass sounds kick-ass (someone loves Steve DiGiorgio).

Next one called “Jump In The Pit” another Thrasher of the same style made to crack lots of heads wide open, known for over a year during the bands’ live shows in Athens. Up next the most technical track of the EP “The Healing Hand, The Killing Hand” that shows the strong Watchtower influence blended with Sadus (“Swallowed In Black” era) and Destruction (“Release From Agony” era) and that Black metal riff in the chorus is K-I-L-L-E-R! What we must point out, is the diversity of Vasilis’ vocals: sometimes he sounds like Schmier (Destruction), sometimes like Darren Travis (Sadus) and maybe has some crossover influences. Also he’s a sick bass player, another strong part in any band. Also respects go to Skull Koraptor for helping out their close friends in the gang vocal department!!

Acid-Fury have a really great EP to start with, and with that diversity in their material, I honestly can’t wait to hear more from these crazy Tech-Deathrashers!

Reviewer: John Savvidis

Track List Line Up
01. A.S.H. (Atomic Season Of Humans)
02. The Hunt
03. Jump In The Pit
04. The Healing Hand, The Killing Hand
Stamatis Zografos – Rhythm Guitar, Back Vocals
Vasilis Christodoulou – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Giorgos Melios – Drums (recording member)
Petros Peridis – Lead Guitar, Back Vocals