PRO-PAIN has released a video for the title track of its latest album, “Voice Of Rebellion”.

PRO-PAIN frontman Gary Meskil says: “To further commemorate the 25-year anniversary of PRO-PAIN, we bring to you (our fans) this video clip for ‘Voice Of Rebellion’. The clip was shot and directed by Kirk Farrington on our home turf of Long Island, New York at Revolution nightclub in the summer of 2016. We hope you enjoy it, and we will see you all on tour!”

“Voice Of Rebellion” was released in June 2015 through SPV/Steamhammer.

Asked what the main thing was that he hoped fans of the band would come away with after listening to these songs, Meskil told “We always want to deliver an album which we can all be proud of. Our fans are not scenesters, and they have discerning taste when it come to music. If we can inspire them with our music and or message in a positive way, that’s more than we could ask for. As for ‘Voice Of Rebellion’, I think we delivered on all counts, and we hope the fans take away with them the same ‘pride in ownership’ as we have.”

Meskil also talked about the “Voice Of Rebellion” recording process, explaining: “I co-produced the new album with Corey Williams (Sound Lounge in Venice, Florida), so I had quite a lot to do with the outcome in terms of its production. I think I have a solid handle on what a good PRO-PAIN album should sound like. During the session, we had our share of setbacks in terms of technical problems, but they were overcome via experience. These days, good tones aren’t too difficult to achieve, provided you know what you’re looking for. My vision was for the production to lean more in a ‘state-of-the-art’ direction, but not to go overboard and have it sound too polished. So, we kept the performances as live as possible. I’m satisfied with the end result.”