Daniel Cavanagh speaks at Metalpaths about everything around Anathema’s world.

This was not the first time we saw you perform in Greece. Do you feel like the Greek fans support your work?

Always. The Greek audience was the first audience I felt were special for anathema. It happens that some of our best shows were done there.

A lot of acoustic shows were done here, so it seems you prefer doing this than a full line-up gig, is that right?

I do not prefer it, I like it equally as much as playing with the band. It’s a different form of energy. I also get to sing far more in acoustic shows, and I like doing this very much.

“Anathema” is a Greek word so many of us are wondering about the reason you decided to name the band like that.

We were young, we found the word in an old book. I do not like words with negative connotations. To me the music represents peace and many other feelings that are positive.

You also seemed very calm when you were here in contrary to the meaning of the word so being young makes a sense.

We all grow and the ones that grow more into love are the wisest.

And wise is your opinion too. Do you consider your music as one of the gothic kind?

Not at all.

Why do you think it is often labelled like this?

Because people lack imagination and always seek to put labels on things. Labels kill the magic. Even if you look at a beautiful tree, or flower or sunset. If you try to label it, or analyse it, you immediately kill the magic that you felt when you were just BEING with it. Music is the same.

And which is the secret that keeps the magic in Anathema and are always in the top playlist of many metal fans although you are not really like the other extreme bands?

I don’t know what it is. But I think maybe it’s because the music has always been so honest. You cannot fake sincerity, the audience will see through it. We have always written from the heart. Maybe that’s what people like about us.

Have you ever thought that the concept of the lyrics makes you feel depressed and doesn’t suit anymore to you personally? Have you thought of changing the type of music you play because of this?

Our music is changing. And it’s a natural process, it doesn’t need to be forced to happen.

So you say that each time the lyrics are maybe based on your way of life at the specific period?

At the time they are written. But people move on. It’s a very healthy thing.

What is your opinion about the new wave bands? Do you think that young musicians who follow Anathema’s style can become as famous as you did?

A few. I look to different types of music to be inspired. It’s very rare that a group in the melodic metal genre will inspire me. I just don’t get off on that music anymore. I prefer more expansive styles. I also love euphoric music.

Was it the same when you started playing in your young age?

No, I think you shift and change as you grow. I certainly feel I am far more experienced and intelligent now. And I have kept my youthful energy and love for life. It’s the happiest I have ever been, now. And I have so much yet to learn.

Before we close, could you please tell me Anathema’s directly plans?

Well, we have an album close to completion. We will play new songs on tour with porcupine tree, then take a break for Christmas, during which time our drummer has an operation on his knee. When he has recovered we will then go into the studio and record our little masterpiece.

I hope he’ll get better soon.

its going to be ok. It was a football injury.

Shall we expect more female vocals on your new work?

Yes, Lee Douglas (our drummer’s sister) will be singing on quite a few songs.

That’s a good new, the female vocals in the Judgement album are one of my favourites.

She is a natural singer and suits our style of music well. And she is family.

Good luck then with your new album and I hope you’ll have a great time on tour with porcupine tree.

I am sure!

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for chasing you that day in Thessaloniki!

Don’t be sorry its fine, thank you too!

Interview: Rena Koutsou.
Translated by: Thanos Koulouris.