“I cry a tear of hope but it is lost in helplessness!!!” As these words from “Crestfallen” put it here, be ready to face doubt once again.

Anathema, after being exposed to bigger and bigger audiences throughout the years, have come so far, with great mood changes and great musical evolution following their every new attempt. They’ve moved from their Doom/death metal start, to the light weight pop-prog rock of their latest full length We’re here because we’re here. Much to everyone’s surprise they actually managed to deliver something more stable and fresh, after many years of let’s say a downfall of inspiration, and here we are once again to see what they are up to with “Falling Deeper”.

“Falling Deeper” is somehow a beautiful way for Anathema to present their past releases to their latest audience and a great way to confuse everyone who’s following them stadily from their “dark days” . Here you can hear some melodies of older songs, interpreted by the band, in a light weight and romance type acoustic way using strings, vast orchestrations, and melancholic vocals…Almost instrumentals now, all songs contained in here, happen to be from ther first four releases. And I should say that if it were for some new material their “bright” view would not be of my taste. Not now that the factor “new versions” plays with my mind as well…

What more can I say, now that these tunes happen to be somehow the latest versions of some of my favourite songs? Some of which really gave Metal music another way to express? I can not see it no more than another bad turn on Anathema’s carrier. For everyone that’s really interested, read the song titles and listen the original versions. Nothing can be compared to those and Anathema should have known better than anyone…Till we hear some new music…

Track List Line Up
01. Crestfallen – from the “Crestfallen”
02. Sleep in Sanity – from “Serenades”
03.  Kingdom – from “Pentecost”
04. They Die – from the “Crestfallen”
05. Everwake – from the “Crestfallen”
06. J’ai Fait Une Promesse – from the “Crestfallen”
07.  Alone – from “The Silent Enigma”
08. We, the Gods – from “Pentecost”
09. Sunset of the Age – from “The Silent Enigma”
Daniel Cavanagh – guitars
Vincent Cavanagh – vocals, guitars
Jamie Cavanagh – bass
John Douglas – drums
Lee Douglas – vocals