Italian hard rock band LACUNA COIL, which offers the dual vocals of male singer Andrea Ferro and female vocalist Cristina Scabbia… will release its much-anticipated new album, “Shallow Life”, via Century Media Records on the following dates:

Europe: April 20
North America: April 21

The CD was recorded in September/October at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, California with producer Don Gilmore, who has previously worked with LINKIN PARK, TRAPT, AVRIL LAVIGNE, GOOD CHARLOTTE, THE VERONICAS, PEARL JAM, TRUST COMPANY and DURAN DURAN.

“Shallow Life” track listing:

01. Survive
02. I Won’t Tell You
03. Not Enough
04. I’m Not Afraid
05. I Like It
06. Underdog
07. The Pain
08. Spellbound
09. Wide Awake
10. The Maze
11. Unchained
12. Shallow Life

Commented female singer Cristina Scabbia: “‘Shallow Life’ is a natural metamorphosis from within the band; we explored different musical territories while maintaining our own style. A mix of old and new, fast and slow… light and dark. The album production is incredibly powerful and has a beautiful purity to it. Hopefully listeners will feel the same sort of connection that we have to these songs. It would be great to think that we have produced songs that will make anybody either think, smile or cry. ‘Shallow Life’ has forced us to challenge ourselves. It represents the way we see ourselves in the days we live in through truth, love and lies.”

Added male singer Andrea Ferro: “‘Shallow Life’ is just a mirror of what you see out there, it’s something you should first see inside of you. It’s a new cycle of songs and it’s more clearly ourselves.”

“It’s definitely us, but the energy is completed different and the whole album feels more ‘rock,'” Scabbia recently told Revolver magazine.” I think that’s because, as an artist, you travel a lot and you listen to the radio and you’re exposed to all these different styles that rub off on you. To me, this is the perfect mixture between our old European sound and something more modern.” She added, “Some of it’s very heavy. The most amazing this is, we’ve been able to improve everything about LACUNA COIL without taking away anything good or doing something that doesn’t belong.”

Regarding the band’s collaboration with Gilmore, Cristina said, “He helped us all find our strengths and work with them to be even better. Sometimes when you’re used to something, you get stuck in your own process and you don’t see the big picture. So when someone from the outside comes in, they can give you a completely different opinion that you don’t have because you’re always stuck in there.”

“Shallow Life” will be LACUNA COIL’s first concept album as all the songs address superficiality and the discontent and unhappiness it can cause. “It’s more against the superficial lifestyle in general, but not regarding celebrities,” singer Andrea Ferro previously told Rock Sound magazine. “You can talk about celebrities, but you can also talk about everyday people. It’s more a reflection on life itself, and especially on the way you lead your life in a superficial way.”