Big Star Promotion would like to inform the public about tickets concerning Rammstein’s show in Athens on June 28th.

As it was already stated on February 25th and March 1st, ticket prices for Rammstein’s show in Athens would be:

General Entrance Fee:
First 1000 tickets for 35 Euros each
Next 1000 tickets for 45 Euros each
After the depletion of these first 2000, all next tickets would be available for 55 Euros each.

More specificaly, the 1000 tickets from each category would be available like this:
750 tickets at Ticket House, Athens
150 tickets at Ticket House, Thessaloniki
100 tickets on for online purchase

However, those first 2000 tickets were depleted very quickly, provoking public reactions and displeasure. It is unfair for fans who, in their own ignorance and lack of experience in such big events, could not predict how quickly these tickets would be sold and they righteously complain about it, but on the other hand, there were people making a terrible noise about it which can’t be justified, because they already knew how the system works.

Big Star Promotion would like to thank you all once again for your massive support and letting us present this exclusive show.