MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio was interviewed by Metalhead TV after yesterday’s (Friday, March 16) press conference in Bucharest, Romania where Joey and promoter Sorin Sararu of Project Events announced the band’s headlining performance at OST Fest 2012, set to take place June 15-17 place at the Zone Arena in Bucharest. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow.

On the upcoming MANOWAR album:

DeMaio: “It’s going to fry the hair on your balls — there’s no doubt. . . . Everybody’s gonna like it. There’s gonna be something on the record for everybody — fast songs, slow songs, powerful songs, craziness…”

On how MANOWAR’s sound has changed over the years:

DeMaio: “I wouldn’t say ‘change’ — I would say that we evolve constantly. We try to do better, we try to update all of our equipment, use the newest technology, and be aware that you could always improve the quality of your performances, live and in the studio. And that’s what we do. We constantly live the life of true metal.”

On whether MANOWAR keeps its message in line with the times we live in:

DeMaio: “We haven’t changed the message. The message is rock, drink, fuck, play true metal, be a righteous person. You know, the golden rule — treat others the way you want them to treat you. Respect people, but have a good fucking time. And as long as you’re not bothering anybody else, live your life, be free — go fucking crazy.”

MANOWAR’s appearance at OST Fest 2012 is scheduled for June 16. Also confirmed for the three-day event are MÖTLEY CRÜE, MOTÖRHEAD, DIMMU BORGIR, EUROPE, MEGADETH and OVERKILL, among others.

During the press conference, Sararu revealed that the new MANOWAR album will be released on June 16. In addition, he said that the first 5,000 people that purchase a ticket to MANOWAR’s appearance at OST Fest via will be able to download the CD for free on June 1.

Said DeMaio: “I know that a lot of people don’t wanna wait another five years for a MANOWAR record, but we hope that people are gonna think that it was worth waiting the time. Because, you know, you go to a restaurant and you order dinner, if the waiter walks in the kitchen and comes back out two seconds later and puts the dinner on the table, I really don’t know what you’re gonna get. Every now and then I like McDonald’s, too — it doesn’t mean something fast is not good — but we’re not a fast-food restaurant with MANOWAR. We think it’s quality, so we hope you’re gonna feel the same way.”

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