According to, original KORN drummer David Silveria is suing his former bandmates, claiming that his 2006 exit from the group was merely a hiatus and that he was rebuffed when he tried to return to the band. Silveria says he still has ownership interest in KORN, and is asking a judge to force the band to reveal how much money they’ve made since he left so that he can get his rightful share.

Silveria is said to be particularly upset over the fact that KORN welcomed back guitarist Brian “Head” Welch two years ago but wouldn’t do the same for him.

Silveria told Rolling Stone magazine in December that it is “wrong” for his former bandmates to play KORN‘s self-titled debut album without him on their current tour, saying that he had “just as much of a creative input as any of [the other] guys while writing and making [the] record.” KORN plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first album by performing the record in its entirety at select gigs.

Silveria explained, “I feel like it was wrong to go play this record without me, because I was just as much of a creative input as any of these guys while writing and making this record. So I think it was wrong to do it without me, but it’s not really weird. They’ve been playing and touring years without me. I just think they should’ve asked me to come play the tour.”

Silveria was the second member of KORN‘s original lineup to depart, leaving in late 2006.