SEPULTURA’ s show was cancelled by authorities due to incomplete permissions being filed.

Apparently, the show, was originally set to take place on June 4th at the Nile Country Club in Cairo, but was later moved to a private villa in Sheikh Zayed. But, shortly before the show began, local police stormed the villa and demanded to see the organizer’s paperwork. When it wasn’t provided, the police ordered the band and audience to vacate the premises.

Apparently, promoter Nader Sadek, didn’t provide Nile Country Club with permissions, from the National Security Council. Maybe he assumed that, by putting the concert in a private villa, they wouldn’t have to provide that paperwork, but this appears to be not the case.

That said, there might also have been some cultural bias going down. Hani Shaker, former singer and head of the Egyptian Musician’s Syndicate, has apparently bragged about shutting down “satanic” heavy metal concerts in Egypt of late, and made the following statement regarding the show:

“The devil worshippers were dressed in a very weird style and drew their makeup in the shape of a pentagram…They wore leather jackets with stars on the back and that is strange.”

Eyewitnesses said, that Sadek and the other organizers, were arrested at the show, and were taken for interrogation.