According to The Pulse Of Radio, BRING ME THE HORIZON keyboardist Jordan Fish and singer Oli Sykes will climb Mount Kilimanjaro together in order to raise funds for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton, England. The pair launched the trip after Fish‘s newborn son suffered a brain hemorrhage earlier this month and was taken into care at the facility. Fish wrote online: “On the evening of Sunday 21st August, our four-day old baby Eliot suffered what we eventually found out was a brain hemorrhage… We called an ambulance in the early hours of the morning and did our best to keep him calm, awake and alive.”

Fish related the trip to the hospital and the eventual discovery of what was ailing his son by doctors, followed by his transference to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he stayed for five days under 24-hour supervision by what Fish called the “amazing team” there.

He added: “While in hospital, I decided that I would focus myself on doing something positive for the ward and trying to raise enough money to pay for a new bed for them. Oli asked immediately if he could join me and help raise as much awareness for this cause as possible. In January we will fly to Tanzania where we will climb Mount Kilimanjaro over the course of eight days.”

The two bandmates’ goal is to raise approximately $130,000 for the charity organization Friends Of PICU, which does fund-raising for the unit.

As for his son’s recovery, Fish said: “We still have a very long way to go and we are taking each day at a time, however he is still alive to fight, he is breathing on his own and we are seeing small improvements every day. He is a little fighter and has shown amazing signs of recovery already, even at this early stage. We owe that completely to the Nurses, Doctors, Neurologists and staff at PICU.”

BRING ME THE HORIZON recently reached No. 3 on the U.S. rock radio chart with “Happy Song” from the band’s fifth album, “That’s The Spirit”. The latest single from the set is called “Avalanche”.