Nordor, Crossover
Eightball Club, Thessaloniki, Greece

A long awaited live show in Greece and the people have been to the club from early hours.

Crossover from Greece was the first band to get up on the stage. Their sound was very good, and they warmed up the crowd with their black metal atmosphere. They are band for more than ten years and they showed this on stage, playing some older stuff as long as some new tracks. The conclusion is that they were a nice choice to open a live like this. Imposing on the stage, and won the people with their experience as a band.

Second band were Nordor, aslo from Greece. To be honest I didn’t like them much from previous hearings. But in this live they surprised me, being more brutal, playing more like a professional band. The people were really warm and were applauding the band on every chance. They played a couple of new songs and some of the highlights of their gig were their splendid adaption of the “Swan Lake” and the song for all the traitors ” Iscariot’s Fireshower “.

And the time has come… Everyone was waiting the Beast to come on stage. The crowd grows impatient as Deicide don’t show up. The four members take place on stage and the bombardment begins… mosh pits, stagediving, headbanging until the head couldn’t take more. The seem to be in perfect shape and they prove it by playing ‘ Scars Of The Crucifix ‘, the people in the club really lost their minds. Glenn Benton speaks between songs, makes fun and generally knows how to please the fans. The war continues… ‘ They are the Children Of The Underworld ‘ and ‘ Serpents Of The Light ‘.

The band decided to go back on their best (in my opinion) album, Legion and they played the Hymn ‘ Trifixion ‘. All the members of the band had a perfect communication with the people, doing faces, devil horns, etc. The following was more anti-christian than I could have ever imagined. ‘ Death to Jesus ‘ and ‘ Kill the Christian ‘, made an indescribable atmosphere.

Deicide played about an hour, which was something that disappointed the crowd, who were screaming for more songs and particularly ‘ Fuck Your God ‘. But on their faces was a big smile. A fucking DEATH – ANTI CHRISTIAN METAL gig, only for a few.

Something that was also missing was a bottle of Jack Daniels in the hand of Glenn Benton.

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