Amon Amarth, Karma Violens
Fuzz club, Athens,Greece

Amon Amarth visited Greece once again and this time was really special because our country was the last stop of their tour. They came as real Vikings to take us on a journey full of adventures and offered us a night full of tales from Scandinavian myths and stories of other heroes from the North Sea. It was the first time that I watched them live on stage and the feelings about this band’s playing were growing more and more as time passed by.

Karma Violens opened the concert exactly at 8:30. They were quite good,in shape and full of energy and good stage presence.
The band with incredible ease and experience conveyed the pulse of the public. “Full Dose Of Hate”, “Returning From Oslo” and “Christian Lovers “, were some of the songs that roused the audience. The loss, however, was when they played a medley arrangement, especially in “Reign In Blood” of Slayer, ”Symptom Of The Universe” of Black Sabbath , and of course like in any other gig of theirs, they closed with “Into The Core” in which as usual, went up and sang with them the front man of Mortal Torment.

Around 10 o’ clock, Amon Amarth are presented on stage in a great shape, their performance remained until the end at a high level and their stage presence was impressive, with constant motion, full of energy and very theatrical in some parts. The band created a fantastic atmosphere in complete correspondence with the character of the music they gave us, sometimes creating fighting and epic scenes. The set list started with the “War Of The Gods” with the sound being more than good, the vocals of Johan Hegg coming out effortlessly but with terrible fury and the “war” going on. Some other tracks played were “Destroyer Of The Universe”, “Thousand Years Of Oppression”, “Slaves Of Fear”, “Under The Northern Star”, “The Pursuit Of Vikings”, “Cry Of The Black Birds” and “Victorious march” in which they said goodbye.

And after they left, the audience was literally screaming for them to climb back on stage for encore, so they came back with two beloved songs. First was “Twilight Of The Thunder God” and then “Guardians of Asgaard” which closed the triumphant night of the band. The public must have applauded Amon Amarth for ten minutes, who thanked us warmly and it was sure that they could not finish the tour better. Actually those who attended Fuzz gave were awesome and the band really had much fan, so I don’t think that both them and the fans left unsatisfied that night.

Report: Marios Arkoulis.
Photos: Stella Papaspyropoulou.